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A single platform for building, orchestrating and operating data matching pipelines across your data factory, with enterprise-grade data governance controls.
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Solving the Data Integration Challenge One Match at a Time

While helping some of the world's largest institutions with their data, the team at ADI experienced the difficulty companies have in extracting knowledge and insights from their data.  The culprit is almost always poor data integration, typically caused by data inconsistencies, data quality and data silos.  We also noticed that data integration is not treated with the same level of operational and governance rigor as other data and technology disciplines.

These challenges are exacerbated by the fact that existing data integration solutions are far from perfect, and do not address the totality of the problem. Companies respond by building duplicative bespoke solutions with internal resources.  Coupled with the absence of operational and governance rigor, these companies end up with data integration programs with poor controls around change management, break management, traceability and auditability.

ADI is on a mission to address these challenges by simplifying data integration with a platform approach that includes automation, machine learning, and proper operational and governance controls.   The platform frankly represents the wish list of capabilities that we wanted when we were integrating data, starting with data matching and mastering.

Enter: Match

With Match, you will operationalize the matching process while achieving modern data governance standards.


ADI takes a platform approach to addressing theses challenges

Open Framework

Leverage our models, plug in your models, or build and train new models.

ML Integrations

Leverage machine learning, including LLMs, as part of your data integration process.

Matching Pipelines

Build highly sophisticated matching pipelines where models can feed other models or functions.


Pre-built Connectors

ADI plugs seamlessly into your existing data stores and data warehouses.


API Access

API first architecture, which can be run as a headless service.

Data and ML Ops

All match pipelines across the enterprise are centrally managed, scheduled and monitored.

Assisted Matching Workflows

Tooling to support break assignments, override creation and the tracking of resolutions.


Every match is assigned a unique record identifier with source defined.


Record identifiers are automatically linked into clusters which can be used for resolution or mastering.


Every match and override is permanently and centrally captured for tracking.

Resource Management

Optimize physical resources to align performance requirements with cost considerations.


Entitlements control visibility, access and functionality across users and departments.

Environmental Partitions

Partition the platform to support any environmental configuration.

Deploy Anywhere

Dockerized platform that can run in any environment - cloud, hosted, on premise or hybrid.

Disaster Recovery

Containerization allows for the instantiation of a recovery environment in minutes.


Deploy anywhere.
ADI is a Dockerized solution that runs in any environment.

Any Cloud
On Premise
How it works


Materially automate matching
Connect data across your enterprise
Improve data quality
Scale data usage
Reduce costs
Accelerate "time to data"

ADI was built to seamlessly fit with your existing solutions and workflows.  

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ADI Match data pipeline matching platform screenshot