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While helping some of the world’s largest institutions with their data initiatives, the team at ADI witnessed firsthand how stakeholders routinely operate in disconnected systems, profile fragmented data and run manual processes to connect it all together - delaying progress or worse, disrupting critical decision making.

With current demands to leverage more data in every analytic, operational and business-driven process, it’s easy to get a little bamboozled. That’s why we created Automated Data - to enable users to quickly connect and act on their data. We built a platform that automates the matching of data, allowing our customers to focus on business outcomes instead of data preparation and wrangling.

We also know that the world of technology is changing rapidly; and, it is what inspired us to reimagine how AI and data matching should work together. Our advanced platform combines a unique blend of machine learning models to automate data profiling and matching on millions of records, with human-in-the-loop workflows for those times when quality is required. Our platform is also one of the first to integrate with client models, enabling our customers to centralize all of their matching frameworks on a single platform for control, lineage and governance.

Automated Data was founded in 2023 and is based out of New York City, New York.


Our vision is a world where all people can automatically connect and integrate their data to drive actionable insights.


Empower professionals to confidently connect their data


A platform for matching and mastering any data at scale

Michael Rude, CEO

Michael Rude
CEO | Co-founder

Mark Etherington, CTO

Mark Etherington
CTO | Co-founder

Adam Cardarelli, CPO

Adam Cardarelli

Adam Cardarelli, CPO

Jason Taylor
Head of Data

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